Date:Jul 5, 2011
Authors:Gary Belvin

This class facilitates conversion between domain spaces

class conversion.Conversion[source]

Bases: object

The goal is to convert arbitrarily between any of the following types

Input types:

  • bytes
  • Bytes
  • int
  • Integer Element
  • Modular Integer Element

Output types:

  • int
  • Group element
  • Integer element
  • Integer element mod N
classmethod IP2OS(number, xLen=None)[source]
  • number: is a normal integer, not modular
  • xLen: is the intended length of the resulting octet string

Converts an integer into a byte string

classmethod OS2IP(bytestr, element=False)[source]
Return:A python int if element is False. An integer.Element if element is True

Converts a byte string to an integer

classmethod bytes2element(bytestr)[source]

Converts a byte string to a group element

classmethod bytes2integer(bytestr)[source]

Converts a bytes string to an integer object

classmethod bytes2str(byteobj)[source]
classmethod int2bin(intobj)[source]
classmethod str2bytes(strobj)[source]