Kan Yang, Xiaohua Jia

From: DAC-MACS: Effective Data Access Control for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage Systems
Published in: Security for Cloud Storage Systems - SpringerBriefs in Computer Science 2014
  • type: ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption (public key)
  • setting: Pairing
class abenc_dacmacs_yj14.DACMACS(groupObj)[source]

Bases: object

ctupdate(GPP, CT, attribute, CUK)[source]

Updates the cipher-text using the update key, because of the revoked attribute (executed by cloud provider)

decrypt(CT, TK, z)[source]

Decrypts the content(-key) from the cipher-text using the token and the user secret key (executed by user/content consumer)

encrypt(GPP, policy_str, k, authority)[source]

Generate the cipher-text from the content(-key) and a policy (executed by the content owner)

generateTK(GPP, CT, UASK, g_u)[source]

Generates a token using the user’s attribute secret keys to offload the decryption process (executed by cloud provider)

group = None

Prime order group

keygen(GPP, authority, attribute, userObj, USK=None)[source]

Generate user keys for a specific attribute (executed on attribute authority)


Generate user keys (executed by the user).


Global Setup (executed by CA)

setupAuthority(GPP, authorityid, attributes, authorities)[source]

Generate attribute authority keys (executed by attribute authority)

skupdate(USK, attribute, KUK)[source]

Updates the user attribute secret key for the specified attribute (executed by non-revoked user)

ukeygen(GPP, authority, attribute, userObj)[source]

Generate update keys for users and cloud provider (executed by attribute authority?)